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Minime Beauty Illusion

SMP Micropigmentation
We specialize in giving the appearance of hair follicles using non-invasive scalp micro pigmentation techniques. We help create the illusion of a full healthy hairline and edges. This service is great for both men and women looking to enhance their every day appearance, rejuvenate their look and build confidence.

SMP Courses
Minime Beauty illusions is now offering SMP courses to individuals at all skill levels from beginners in search of a new and exciting career in a multi-million dollar million industry to an expert in a salon looking to take the next best step forward in their business by adding a new service.

Facts About the Owner

  • Certified SMP artist
  • Licensed tattoo artist
  • Licensed teacher for over 25 years

Our Specialties

SMP Services

  • Receiving hairline
  • Alopecia
  • Thin edges

PMU services

  • Ombré brows

SMP Courses in person and online

  • New mobile Class for salons and barbershops

Due to our HIGH Demand schedule we no longer do SMP the full head.

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